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blumberg furniture design
products for a daily liveliness

blumberg develops and produces shelfing systems, tables, stools and benches, lampshades and rings, mobile outdoor kitchen as well as the kitchen in your home, and last but not least a versatile plant support system. Our products are meant for everyday life. Indoor products can easily be used outdoors as well by choosing the right materials. Our outdoor products like the growth support system bohnenstange can also be used bring nature into your living-room.


> blumberg Design is as versatile as life itself.

Accordingly we serve all the various living spaces: garden, kitchen, work, children, and recreation. Kids love the rolling forms and the toy block charakter that lives within blumberg’s furniture design.  

Many objects are multifunctional and adaptable to your use and imagination.
 blumberg products are extendable and can be adjusted and made usable to the various phases of living.

> blumberg furniture is modular, mutable, extendable.

You can find the shelfing system vielfach in a cosy living room as well as in a flagship store. It follows the modular principle so it can be combined newly varius times and by material selection and processing, it lasts a lifetime.

The material we use are steel or stainless steel. Wooden surfaces are treated and refined with natural stains,

oils and shellac, to guarantee that our products can withstand daily liveliness – such as the endless forces of children – and age with beauty.

Functionality, naturalness, durability – are the demands we try to fulfill with every new day and product.
blumberg a life long!

> … Design for you!

In addition to our product range we also offer design solutions for specific requirements and spatial situations. Our favorites are here especially the garden and the kitchen.
We also have many years experience in the exhibition and fair design as well as graphic and communication design.


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