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living-tip #5: kill corners!

Due to laziness, thoughtlessness, easy packaging, and numerous other dubious excuses on thing has established itself in the modern world, that, at least in the living-space, mostly causes aggravation: the corner. Other cultures are aghast by our use of it, and the square even more. Even in our culture we talk of “rough-edged” and know […]

 living-tip #3: don’t be afraid of holes!

We think you should get your power-drill out more often and rearrange a bit. Whenever you feel ilke it, until everything feels right.

living-tip #4: quadrupeds are stupid

There is something we all learned once in school but most of us seemingly have forgotten since: that a plane is defined by three points. Sure, 4 points can be in the same plane too, but the chance is extremely small. It can be calculated, we aren’t exactly sure how. One thing is though is […]

living-tip #2: floor drains are cool!

Especially if your feet are off the floor. Standard in many countries and cultures, floor drains seem to be heading towards oblivion over here: Instead whole branches of industry – from insurance companies over detergent producers to floorers – institutionalize our fear of overflowing sinks and leaking dishwashers. No problem with a flor drain, a […]

living-tip #1: Keep your feet off the floor!

Especially in kitchens, bathrooms and all other rooms with built-in-components. It’s kitchens and baths where it’s wet and damp, and it’s there that you are wiping and mopping literally all the time. Why make the job worse by obstructing the floor with furniture: an obstacle course of cracks, corners, and legs? And every body sees […]