blumberg baumauto - treecar

blumberg brings nature inside

blumberg developed and offers high quality design for indoors an out – the boundaries being fluent. Working with and in nature as an important reference point gives creativity a visionary roll.
Natural beauty’s inherent implicitness is as distinct to blumberg design as is it’ versatile modular character. Life evolving organic and natural structures that ideally adapt to human forms and needs.
The natural forms that are inherent to all blumberg products convey a feeling of harmony to the living space. blumberg stands for living with lust for life: young, inspirational design, a lofty and effortless presence that is invigorating. A lot of roundness plus corners only where sensible is not only practicable, but assures a feeling of well-being and security in the living space.

This logical approach to shaping attests an almost classical modernity. Shapes often evolve from a division by six. Splitting by three results in a counterpart: the relationship of two parts resulting in a third.
Life is movement, thus a sweep is often followed by a counter-sweep. This swinging is utilized by blumbergs products to seemingly grow and flow.
Prototypes as well as finished furniture are under continuous change, flowing and in motion. Standstill means death and thus a product is never finished unless no-one needs it any more because there is something better.
The materials as well often reflect years of experience and research.
Suitable and well processed material is robust, flexible, comfortable to use and of high quality so that blumberg products age beautifully.
blumberg has taken the unusual path of covering all steps from conception to marketing on it’s own. This way product development is in one hand and we can optimally utilize and convert both experience and feedback.
With a twinkle in our eyes we admit that there is a bit of self-sufficient romanticism behind it all, that needs to be repeatably breached to succeed in a global market.
The dream: to globally operate for our general well-being.
We see our contribution to saving the planet in consciously experiencing nature.

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