design by Florian

“Flexibility is of utmost priority for all my designs. They are mutable, modular, ergonomic, stackable. They also reflect the living situations and philosophy of our clients – who are always in motion due to ever-changing occupational and private situations but never the less develop the need to settle down. The products are functional, simple and practical – adaptable and life-centered.” … … “I experience design as an extended perception of life and the individual environment. A central request is the achievement of new levels of freedom and the encouragement to find, experience and develop these levels even further. Open mindedness, the capacity of critical reflection, and a central creative urge are the incentives for my professional activity as well as my engagement with others.”
1995-1997 Two years at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna in the fields product design and architecture complemented my artistic education and formed the foundation of my multifaceted development.

1993-1995 Enrollment in Parnham College for Furniture Design in Great Britain and achieved my first success at the final exhibition in the Cork Street Gallery, London.

1990 Attracted early to art and craftsmanship, I finished an education as journeyman carpenter after my matura (highschool diploma).

Occupational History:
1999 – 2010 By founding Blumberg I achieved my wish for a public forum for art and design. Initiated as a presentational platform of ideas, art and perception for myself and others Blumberg grew beyond that to become an organization known widely as a synonym for innovative ideas and debates concerning art and design.

1998 During my alternative civilian service at the Youth Center Alt Erla I gathered experience in creative work with children.





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