design for you

Designed for You

Those who have problems creating on their own can enlist blumberg’s “design especially for you”. Where ever simple handyman skills won’t suffice, but a holistic solution is needed. We offer individual solutions that don’t try to push their way in front, but attract interest by their consequent advantages. The choice of materials correspond to the functionality of the object.
The offer is for garden, park and veranda design as well as indoor design.
We also have incredibly lofty, practical and inviting concepts for kitchens, that work along general blumberg design credos: everything suspended, a free floor, round solutions for small corners, material reduction in favor of light weight airiness. An ergonomic, anthroposophically-oriented approach included.
In blumberg’s children sector you will not find corners. Instead there are magnetically attractive and friendly forms that stimulate the imagination. blumberg children furniture is friendly and durable.
Even public institutions resort to blumbergs’s know-how. For inquires concerning larger projects can resort to our network of artists, architects and craftsmen who are readily available for collaboration.
We gladly lease and rent our products for events, fairs and movies.
We already have collaborated with various exhibitions and festivals such as Blickfang, Raritätenbörse Botanischer Garten, Vienna Design Week, Vienna Fashion Week, or the Viennale Film Festival.

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