Err, What?

Yes, we mean it.

We think you should get your power-drill out more often and rearrange a bit. Whenever you feel ilke it, until everything feels right.
Most power-drills aren’t used for more than 12 minutes – not in a year, but in a lifetime (the drill’s). And that is the way many abodes look: hung once, stays forever – no matter how demands have changed in the meantime, and despite it getting on your nerves.

For those though, who paint their walls instead of wallpapering, and save some of that paint for touch-ups, and preferably painted with a brush and not a role: these can install holes wherever and whenever they want – and let them disappear just as well.

At any rate: power-drilling is pure lust.

A tip on top for the jocks among us: give your girlfriend a try.


freshly installed hole


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