Especially in kitchens, bathrooms and all other rooms with built-in-components. It’s kitchens and baths where it’s wet and damp, and it’s there that you are wiping and mopping literally all the time. Why make the job worse by obstructing the floor with furniture: an obstacle course of cracks, corners, and legs?

And every body sees the disadvantages with the next move or redecoration at the latest:
The malignant fungi behind panels, the irrevocable rust-spots from appliances, the grease-and-grime caulking between batten and floor…
In exactly the rooms that should be the most hygienic.

Hang your furniture up instead of your self: blumberg designer Florian Harmer has gone to extremes with this idea. In the live-in workshop in Spillern even the bathtub is dangling 3 meters above the ground! For us near mortals it’s enough if a case of beer fits underneath the cupboards and dishwashers. This design formula can be seen ever more often by leading manufacturers: ovens, dishwashers, even toilets mounted from the wall, floating over floors that are clean in one sweep, dry in one wipe.

So: Hi-ho for your next remodeling!

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