Especially if your feet are off the floor.

kanaldeckel” alt=”image right” />Standard in many countries and cultures, floor drains seem to be heading towards oblivion over here:
Instead whole branches of industry – from insurance companies over detergent producers to floorers – institutionalize our fear of overflowing sinks and leaking dishwashers. No problem with a flor drain, a medium catastrophe without – even if the insurance company pays.

And then there is that new antique piece, the dog, or the mower-motor you want to spray off – in the new acrylic tub? Or even just the continuos mopping and wiping after the kids had fun in the shower. Did you ever see how they do it at the spa or in professional kitchens? They just squeegee the water (or soup) with a sweep to the floor drain. Finished. No stooping and wringing.

Life could be so simple.

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