In the garden for sure.
But only furniture, obviously.
Animals have a reason for the fourth feet: they walk!
Furniture with for feet still can’t walk:
They try anyway – and wiggle.

Not only in the garden, but on boarded floors, terra-cotta tiles or flagstone teracces- to name a few.
There’s an old anecdote about Senior Cipriani and his legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. When he remodeled the bar on the old pier he designed the turniture for it himself. because he wanted to keep the ancient floor and still didn’t want complaint from his soon-to-be illustrious clientel, he had everything made three-legged: tables, chairs and bar-stools. Not only did he get the order cheaper from his carpenter, but he never needed those folded-paper wedges.

vierbeiner auf dreirad

These quadrupeds aren

There is something we all learned once in school but most of us seemingly have forgotten since: that a plane is defined by three points. Sure, 4 points can be in the same plane too, but the chance is extremely small. It can be calculated, we aren’t exactly sure how. One thing is though is certain: blumberg’s tripod furniture never wiggles.

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