egggcup - innovative egg cup design by blumberg


Egg cup in stainless steel made of three cups an a built in ring sharpened for egg cracking.
Practical, organic and versatile, a highlight for any breakfast table.
The three bows will inspire fancy “breakfeasts”: serve capers, paprika, or mustard along with your egg. egggcups are stack-able and dishwasher safe. They easily withstand daily wear and tear.
Kids love egggcups. The new look will change your table setting habits.

Why egggcups? To enhance your imagination and philosophy on the topic of breakfeast. How do you prefer your eggs?

material: 2mm stainless steel
press formed, compressed and pierced
length: 13 cm
width: 11,5 cm
height: 3 cm
weigth: 62 gramm
egg cup für the very special breakfeast


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