mobile kitchen friend with chef Schorsch

mobile kitchen friend
all in one outdoor catering tool

All in one catering tool. Blumberg’s mobile cooking range is a cooking- and serving- station on wheels made for unlimited outdoor cooking fun. When folded, not larger than a ton, the mobile kitchen unfolds to a show cooking area with a cosy umbrella – accommodating 12 people or more.
Who knows blumberg knows how much value we live on good food and shared, public cooking. (oops! Freudian: lay, of course)
All the love and experiences we put into this unique device.  We are still looking for a producer, but for the time being friend is available only for rent.

mobile kitchen at the Filmmuseum, Wien
Opening at the Filmmuseum Vienna

We also have the perfect chef for you: George “Schorsch” Boehme, who grew up with friend is a self-taught star of the Vienna scene. With friend + Schorsch you are more than well served.

mobile kitchen friend detailat der Standard we served “Zeitungsenten”

The mobile kitchen friend garantees that cooking outdoors becomes an unforgettable social experience and a lively highlight of glorious summer days. Even sudden showers can’t bother your enyoyment. On the contrary, they enhance social get-together under the protection of friend’s cosy umbrella – accommodating 12 people or more, it is an integral part of this true out-door kitchen system. friend – synonym0us with cuisine, enjoyment and lifestyle. High priority is given to the elaborate preparation of food and the social act of sharing pleasure.

mobile kitchen friend in detail

The three-legged stainless steel frame incorporates numerous swiveling work and table areas. The easily adjustable telescopic feet adapt to any terrain making friend ready for operation in seconds. The liquid gas container is mounted safe and snug beneath a warp-free 8 mm thick stainless steel coking range. Two separately adjustable flame banks allow for perfect temperature control of your grilling goods. An ingenious flue construction additionally serves as a warming platter for finished roasted delicacies. Not to forget: the practical grease-slit, where excess fats and burnt juices can be scraped into a detachable container (fitted for standard 120 mm barbecue spatulas). Cooking utensils are found where the adept cook likes them most: in a swing-out tray directly below the working area, which is always clean – thanks to the pivoting garbage-bag holder underneath, debris is easily shoved over the edge in one sweep. Low and behold! Prosecco is served on two additional swing-out service trays, miraculously doubling the service area.

friend premiere at the Harmers Bar

rent a friend




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