the original

stool á la blumberg

we designed a stool fitting to the very special appearance of each blumberg table.
As time goes by some editions accumulated. Stained Osp, film coated plywood, veneer oak and surfaces we developed in cooperation with artists.
blumberg stool

First of its kind: the original.

blumberg stools don’t need a lot of space, they are stackable, you can combine them anytime with a new one. They take a snad alone effect, for instance opposite from apiece of antique furniture.
With or without a table, alone or a number of, everybody loves blumberg stools, above all the children. The appealing threesome invites you to get comfy.

one, two, three, bench!

blumberg stool

Yes, the stool, the unrecognized piece of furniture

Everybody carries one of them their heart. Mine was from the chemistry lab: when they renovated my school, I just took it. Actually my first piece of furniture. It got lost in some flat-sharing community. Also three-legged, it never wobbled. And was not in the way for half a decade. Served as a table, chairs, flower stands, one-step-ladder, prop. Finally, in the flat-sharing community as a speaker stand. With a four-legged friend that would never work.
Stools are universal genius. Infinitely practical, quick to help, but never in the way.

Usually they move in as the first piece of furniture even before coloring, but soon after they get locked in some dungeon untill there are too many guests at once, or the boy would like to fretsaw.

You do not need to lock up our stools: just because they are beautiful.

Other designers are famous for their chair – We might as well – but we really advocate in our hearts for the stool. The resident friendly piece of furniture that we know. They are so important to us that we have even designed tables and benches fitting to them.
blumberg stool with a surface airbrushed by Roland Siegele

Airbrushed Surface by Roland Siegele



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