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system bohnenstange

bohnenstange or beanstalk is an extremely versatile trellis system made of long-lasting steel rods for indoors and out. Installable in the garden as a pillar, rose arch, gazebo, arcade, espalier and more. For use as facade-greening as well as screening or for railing.

bohnenstange vor Himmel
“You can build cathedrals with this”, says designer Florian.

Since bohnenstange grows with each arch and connection by it’s building-block principle, the combination possibilities are sheer endless. Just let your imaginetion wander, we will gladly assist you in planning and realization.

Eckinstallation mit Efeu
The bohnerstange system grows just as well indoors, or on roof terraces and balkonies – mounted on floor-plates or anchored with dowels on walls and ceilings.

The ornamental, infinitely repeatable principle conveys airiness and adds a comfortable indoor climate.
An installation with bohnenstange makes a great eye catcher for exhibitions and events as well.

erster Prototyp 2010
system bohnenstange gives free rein both to your Imagination and all Kinds of climbing plants!


During development the Boku Wien repeatedly assisted with their expertise. The exchange of information with the gardeners of the Botanical Garden in Vienna was also very helpful. It was there again where we installed the first bohnenstange prototype. Presently an annual plant, a bat flower that blooms in november grows there on a 3 meter high bohnenstange-tower. The adjacent video documents the installation in the spring of 2010.


catalog system bohnenstange




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